Welcome to Mitnan Studio

Mitnan Studio is a home based papermaking studio in southern Israel named after the indigenous desert shrub that yields strong translucent paper. The Studio offers unique handmade paper art, stationary and exquisite handmade papers for artists such as calligraphers,  printers,  illustrators and collectors of beauty.

The Mitnan repertoire includes papers made from the mitnan plant, authentic paper made from locally grown cotton, flax paper, paper in a variety of textures and rag paper made from 100% cotton fabric.

Mitnan handmade papers are endowed with a sensual touch to their overall appearance due to the natural ingredients that are used in their process of becoming papers. Dyed with natural earth pigments, Mitnan Papers radiate and resonate the solemn beauty and hues of the desert regions: creamy white from the Arava, pale greenish-blue from Mitzpe-Ramon , rustic orange from the Mamshit Wadi, golden yellows from Jerusalem’s Judean mountains and chocolate browns from Eilat’s mountainous landscape.

Mitnan papermaking is an adventurous exploration

into the poetic expressions of Paper

It is an act of love


















About the Artist

Orna studied papermaking in 1994 and her love to the art of hand made paper has grown ever since.  The materials she uses, from cotton, mitnan, flax, desert pigments, glass powders, metal strips, seaweeds, and various printing methods, are the platform on which she sets the stage to experiment and touch on the play between the structured and the abstract, the seen verses the unseen, hinting on the mystical paradox of our existence or of its underside.
She has taught diverse audiences, from children, college students, minorities and the disabled, trained art teachers and has had her work exhibited in Israel, Europe, Canada, the U.S.A, and China. Today many of her works are in private collections.  Since establishing her home based papermaking business in 2013, she has been involved with collaborative projects, gives papermaking workshops at her home studio and hosts groups who come to learn about the art of papermaking.

Photo: Orna Levhari

The Studio

The Mitnan studio is a place of inspiration and experimentation. The studio is fully equipped with a 1 kg. beater , a large paper press 80X100 cm, and a smaller press for A-3 sized papers, a paper dry box, a pulp sprayer, large vats, a mini electric cotton gin, a large pulp table, a variety of moulds & deckels and amazing earth pigments.

You are invited to come and learn about the process of papermaking, make your own papers by choosing a workshop or contact Orna to have a workshop tailored especially for you, or to purchase Ornas’ beautiful handmade papers and handmade paper artworks. 

For Fine Art, take a look at White Contemplations or scroll through Phases to view works made in the pulp pouring method.

The Mitnan Studio is open on weekdays; Sun-Thurs

Hours: 9am – 5 pm




How to Purchase

Once you decide what products you wish to purchase, you can email Orna. After you reach an understanding as to which products you are interested in, the type of paper, color, texture, amount, and/or an artwork, a payment request will be forwarded to you through which you can pay by PayPal or credit card. There is also the option of money transfer if that is what you prefer. Orna will let you know before hand when the product can be delivered.

Mitnan Policy:
The order comes into effect after payment is made.
A Minimum of 10 papers is required.
Prices do not include shipment which will be added to the total value of the products.
Because paper is made manually, there may be some differences between the sheets of paper. This is the unique quality and beauty of handmade papers.
Returns are not accepted.

The beauty of papermaking

is in the ongoing process of becoming